Lord John and the Private Matter

Lord John and the Private Matter is the first in four novels about Lord John Grey, a spinoff to the Outlander series. I have already read the Outlander series, but promise to re-read it so that I can review more than the first n17266279_1470693366315003_1483823768118755328_n(1)ovel. According to Diana Gabaldon, the story about Lord John Grey should have just been a short story but instead it turned into four books and I am so happy she did. Lord John is one of my favorite characters in the Outlander series so I was pretty excited to read these and see how they held up to Outlander.

The first novel I will admit is a littler slow. It’s no where near as exciting as I was expecting, but fear not I’m already half way through the second one and love it way more than the first. Anyway, even though I found my thoughts not staying with the book it was still pretty interesting. It takes place after Culloden and after Lord John drops Jaime off for work. You get to meet some of his family members and see what he did during the 20 years between the two books. Apparently, Lord John while still part of the military was also someone who was used as an investigator as well as the head of his household when his brother was away. I definitely felt like this book was setting everything up for the next few. While there was a mystery/crime that had to be solved, you also found out more about Lord John’s life, his thoughts surrounding Jaime and how he starts to become his own man.

Like I said before, I am really enjoying the second one a lot more. There is even a scene of Jaime and Lord John! yes! Anyway, it’s a fun little side read to the series and for me, enjoying the character of Lord John so much, it was nice to be able to read more of him.

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