29 Things about Me

This week is my birthday and I will be 29! I can’t believe it. So I decided this year I’d tell you a little about myself and maybe next year I will recap my adventures etc of 30 years. If I can think of 30 🙂


Currently listening to Slide by Calvin Harris

1.) My favorite color is turquoise but an original favorite color would be blue

3.) My favorite kind of music is Country- artist Carrie Underwood and Dierks Bentley, but i will listen to anything (example calvin harris while I write this) 

4.) I am an only child

5.) My first vacation out of the country was to the Bahamas

6.) I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree

7.) I have lived in 3 different states but moved more than 15 times

8.) I can play the clarinet (though it’s been 3 years since)

9.) Favorite exercise: running

10.) Favorite outdoor activity: this is tough, either golf or hiking

11.) My nationalities include being half middle eastern and half European 

12.) Favorite winter activity: snowshoeing

13.) Favorite fall activity: pumpkin picking

14.) I love movies except scary ones

15.) Book that got me to love reading: Harry Potter

16.) Favorite Book is either The Nightingale or The Kite Runner

17.) Favorite Book Series: Just overtook Harry Potter- Poldark Series

18.) I am about to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths for the 3rd time

19.) Favorite Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch or Dan Stevens (seriously, he’s so talented)

20.) Favorite Actress: Keira Knightley

21.) I have never been to the Midwest or the West Coast

22.) I HATE cooking

23.) But I love baking

24.) Favorite food: pizza

25.) Favorite dessert: hmmm chocolate turtle brownies

26.) I did not eat vegetables until I met my boyfriend

27.) I love adventures (finally found an adventure pal too!)

28.) I hate wearing makeup

29.) I love being with friends and family

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