Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Lord John Series #2

wp-1490139919665.jpgA few days ago, I reviewed the first novel in the Lord John series and gave you all my reasons why I enjoy this character so much. While I was indecisive on the first in the series, this one was the total opposite. It was exactly what I expected from Diana Gabaldon, being so used to her writing and all. While the first book was truly a set up book to the other side of Lord John. This one was more of adventure. There are only a few new characters but overall everything has been set in the first.

Synopsis and Review

When Lord John was 12 years old, his father died. Everyone told him it was due to suicide but John knew differently but didn’t know the whole story. This book goes through his search for the truth on his father’s death. Not only does he go through this, but he’s still fighting in a war so while the mystery of his father continues, he still needs to deal with his actual job. The service. He also finds a lover which adds a new detail to the story. I like that it helps us get a glimpse of another character and what they were doing for 20 years. There is also more of Jaime in this story…which I love. I’m fascinated by the “friendship” of John and Jaime and I love seeing the point of view of John during these encounters instead of Jaime’s view. Regardless if some of the conversations are repeating from the Outlander series. It was just fun and interesting to see that tidbit.

Now, the book is graphic just like Outlander, I wouldn’t recommend this unless you are a young adult. Probably over the age of 18? Parents should definitely read this and the Outlander story first to determine if their kids should be able to read it.

That’s all I have for now! I can’t wait to read the next two Lord John books and tell you all about them!

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