Lord John and the Succubus

The next novella by Diana Gabaldon was Lord John and the Succubus. Once again, Diana explains that she was asked to write a story about a character but this time with magic and/or ghosts. So she revisited one of her favorite characters, Lord John in this story.

Lord John and the Hand of Devils (Lord John Grey Series)

This one is once again, in between books but it’s after the first one so you get to pick up with his servant Tom Byrd again….who is slowly becoming one of my favorite characters. Lord John is still at war, this time out of England, when mysterious deaths start to turn up in the country. The townsfolk believe it’s a succubus, a female ghost who enters the minds of men and drives them crazy until they die. While some of the military do not believe it, others believe it to be true and can’t sleep (all that superstition coming out). Lord John is determined to find the real cause of it rather than believing it really is an evil spirit. Once again, he’s a little inspector, something from the Outlander books that I never saw coming to be true of him.

I enjoyed this one a lot more compared to the Hellfire Club. Lord John is such a fun character and this story’s plot and ending was just a fun ride throughout. I am slowly finishing up on the novellas which means soon I’ll get to the last book, which already starts with him talking to Jaime so I cannot wait! Though this isn’t the last novella, I would definitely recommend buying the Lord John and the Hand of the Devil. Most of these novella’s are over $3.99 and with them being so short, I can’t imagine buying them separately. This helps bring down the cost!

As always, click on the picture and it will bring you to Barnes & Noble 

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