Beauty and the Beast Review (Movie)

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So this isn’t a book review but I feel like with all the hype around Beauty and the Beast, and how much I loved the original Disney movie I can’t help but write a review about it.

Why I loved the original:

This should be pretty obvious. I loved Belle! She loved to read, how could I not LOVE her? I also decided in the library scene that I wanted a library just like it. I know I won’t have one exactly like it but it’s one of the many reasons I buy my books instead of borrowing or using a tablet/kindle.

So most of us know the story, there was a curse put upon a young man who would not let an “old woman” into his castle for shelter. He was known by the story to be selfish and with this curse, all of the people who lived in his castle were turned to living objects, for example a tea pot (yay Mrs. Potts) and a clock. Belle is a young girl who likes to read, who is known to be beautiful but weird in the town– she meets the beast under interesting circumstances and from there the story goes.

The movie keeps pretty well to the storyline. What I like, is that it mixed the movie with the broadway show (which I loved because it gave more singing to the beast) and added tidbits of information that some of us may not have known. Like how the beast was as a child, and what happened to Belle’s mother. I loved these additions, while it wasn’t something I thought of in the 90s seeing this as a child, I can see how it’s worth adding now. The movie stars Luke Evans, Josh Gad, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens….honestly my favorite in this movie was Luke Evans he was by far the most perfect rendition of Gaston. I really couldn’t believe it, my boyfriend even agreed (grudgingly attending the movie with me). I also really liked Dan Stevens, maybe not so much because the beast as such a prominent part but because he is an actor that can just…well play anything (Matthew Crawley, . Not saying that they were the only outstanding actors. The whole cast was phenomenal, entertaining, the singing was fantastic as well as (of course) the storyline. These two just really stood out for me.

Anyway, when a movie brings joy and tears to one’s eyes (which I noticed happening all around me) you know it’s a good one. On the car ride home, my boyfriend’s only comment was: how many more live action movies will Disney be making? The answer is yes and here’s the list: Disney Movie’s Live!


Anyone else see Beauty and the Beast yet?

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