Wolf Hollow Brewery

I’m so happy to be in a state again where there are a ton of Groupons! Vermont, as great as it was, didn’t have a lot on groupon because it’s more remote. But now that we live in New York, there are SO many and I’ve been using them for new restaurants and adventures. To say I’ve been buying a lot through Groupon is an understatement but it’s okay, I think it’s been worth it so far.


The first of my Groupon picks was Wolf Hollow Brewery  in Schenectady, NY. I will admit that I thought it was much closer to Saratoga then it was, but it ended up being a nice drive through the country (for example, it was 17 miles away but it took closer to 40-45mins to get there). Anyway, the brewery is really small but they make SO many beers! While some of them weren’t that fantastic, others were really good! We ended up taking some home with us actually…which is impressive since my Vermont boyfriend is very picky when it comes to beer. wp-1491146563814.jpg

What I loved most was the atmosphere of the place, there seemed to be some live music area and you could see where all their beer is made. There were a ton of tables for sitting/eating, as well as two different bars. It definitely looked like one of those breweries where all the locals go to (on a regular basis). They had a little BBQ off to the side and though we didn’t have any, it looked AMAZING! My mouth was salivating, but we had dinner waiting at home. Everyone was getting some though and from what the reviews said, the food is supposed to be delicious.

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