The BookishBox One Time Outlander Box

“Your face is my heart Sassenach and the love of you is my soul”

AHHHH. Yes that’s how I’m starting this post and I’m starting it this way because I am just so excited about what I received in my Outlander Box by the bookish box that I’m sharing with you my initial reaction. I believe this is the third One-Tim20170408_181747e Outlander box done by TheBookishBox but my first one that I’ve been able to get (I didn’t know about thebookishbox the first two times around). While the wait was REALLY long, it was SO worth it. Again, if you remember my post here about thebookishbox and owlcrate, I would still say that the best I’ve seen from thebookishbox is their one time boxes, so if you’re interested in a theme and it’s a one time box I would highly recommend it! (Here’s looking at you my one-time, choose your house box coming soon!)

Contents of this amazing box are as follows:

  • Shirt from the Bookish Shop: the quote is the line in the beginning of this post
  • Candle: by Cherry Pit Crafts
  • Necklace (which is a DRAGONFLY oh my godddd): by Eliza Jane K Jewlelry
  • Print: The Bookish Shop
  • Cup, which says I like it Scot (umm yesss, works too because my boyfriend has Scottish in him): The Bookish Shop

The picture below includes everything. The book was NOT part of the unboxing but I was reading it at the time that I got the box so i felt like it needed to be included just to sum up my love of the Outlander series. That review will be coming soon, I promise (and PS it’s AMAZING!)


That’s it for now. I don’t have anything else I can say about how great this box is. I was so happy and excited when I got it and immediately put the shirt on. I will probably get an outlander box from them every single time. If you have any questions, let me know! Anyone else get this box? Or gotten anything from TheBookishBox before?
Feel like you want to try Thebookishbox? Here’s a referral link!

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