The Scottish Prisoner

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Author: Diana Gabaldon

My Synopsis: 

Lord John is set to go to Ireland to bring back a soldier who he and his brother believe should be court martialed. But before he can go to Ireland on this “mission” he has to agree to bring a companion….Jaime Fraser (yasssss). While they are in Ireland, they have to come to terms with each others as friends, and they have to find the man who they are there to arrest but then they uncover a mystery, a mystery that could have detrimental effects on England, Ireland and Scotland.

The Scottish Prisoner: A Novel (Lord John Grey Book 4) by [Gabaldon, Diana]

This is last the true book in the Lord John series. Sure, there are some other short stories left to read but this was the last long story. The last and the best. As I’ve said in the past, Lord John is one of my favorite characters, partly because of his relationship with Jaime Fraser throughout the Outlander series. This book feels like it picks up with that relationship to an extent again. The two characters (who are my favorites in the series) are so interesting in itself, but the story was so well written and had all the instances of Diana Gabaldon that I loved that it was just too good to put down. Of course, Lord John’s valet Tom Byrd is also in this story which, again as to the fun dynamics throughout the story. The story also follows the point of view of both Jaime and Lord John which make it even more interesting, at the same time, they each have some of their own adventures tying back to the overall one.

Lord John and Jaime Fraser’s relationship is complicated but that’s what makes it so good. It’s a real relationship (even with its faults) and this is adventure that the two men had to go on just proved once again why these two dynamic characters are so good together! I will definitely be re-reading this again!

Does anyone else read the Outlander series? If so, have you read this one?


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