How to know it’s Spring in Albany N.Y. 

I just started working in Albany NY a few months ago and there’s a lot to take in with the changing of the seasons. I was telling my boyfriend’s mom all about them and she said, and I quote, “that would be a good blog post!” I hadn’t thought of doing one, but she’s right it is a good blog post idea and here is why.

The weather is always unpredictable in upstate NY, especially in the spring. It can go from 80 yesterday to snowing the next so you never quite know when you can say spring is finally here! A lot of other states have pictures posted of flowers etc to let you know, but in NY it comes so quickly you don’t have time for that. So here are the ways to know that Albany, N.Y. has decided it’s spring time.

The first thing that came back to the area were the food trucks. This is a classic sign and a tradition of Albany for over 20 years. They only arrive when the weather is comfortable so this was pretty exciting to see. It also meant that other things had to be taken care of around the city. Including adding the garbage bins back (yes those arrived after the food trucks) and clearing the last bit of walkway and stairs to the different buildings from the snow/sleet and ice we got this winter.

A few weeks after this, Albany started to groom everything– the grass started to turn green, they started to seed the bare patches, tulips were planted and flowers began to bloom. It really lookIMG_20170428_124630_555ed like the flowers bloomed over night. I don’t think I have ever seen something like it before. It’s also amazing how Albany bloomed so much faster compared to where we live!

Last but not least, the pool around the buildings were filled instead of being ice for skating. After the water was filled, a few weeks later they started having the fountains on during the day. You can see them a little to the picture to the left but the picture below is a better representation.  I’m really impressed with Spring here. I wasn’t expecting to see it so vividly during the day. I’m used to not seeing anything but work during a work week but Albany makes it so easy to see the changing of the seasons.


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