A day in the life of a book reader 

A few months ago I was talking toa friend about reading and they felt like I had a problem because of the amount of books I buy/read. Now, let me be clear…this conversation did not happen in person which makes it more difficult to know their tone. But regardless, my initial thought was that I could have a worse addiction or problem than reading….am I right?

Anyway, it got me thinking. Yes, I read a lot and that’s mostly what this blog is about but no that’s not the only thing I do with my life. Below is a typical Thursday in my life.

  • Depending on the Thursday I might wake up early and workout in the morning. This is not one of those mornings. 
  • 630am After making my lunch and breakfast, I head out to the bus stop (yes I take public transportation to work).
  • It’s on the bus where I get most Of my reading done. It’s about a half an hr ride in the morning
  • 745am When I get to work, I do just that. I go to meetings, I work on projects and miscellaneous requests that come in. Now that I’ve been at my job for 8 months, I have a lot of projects so I’m never bored
  • 12pm At lunch, I go for a walk (when the weather is nice) typically anywhere from a mile to a mile and a half. If the weather isn’t walking weather, I will probably just read.
  • 1230 pm it’s back to work
  • 4:45pm: I catch the bus and that’s right I read again. The bus takes and an hour on the way home, by then I’m tired of reading and need a break. Which is great because then I can have the rest of the night doing something other than read.
  • On this partocular thursday I didnt work out in the morning so I will work out this afternoon, if the weather is nice I usually run anywhere from a mile to 2 miles. If it’s crummy, I’ll do something inside. 
  •  Then I have some options. I might go to trivia, or I might make dinner and do some household things until my boyfriend gets home. 
  • Depending on where I am in blogging, I might also use some downtime to get a blog post done and maybe watch some television.
  • The current Thursday I am blogging about had me out at trivia with my mom and her friends.

I don’t really read on the weekends. If my boyfriend has some homework to do, or we are relaxing on a Saturday morning then yes I will have a book in my hand. Otherwise we are doing something else, whether it’s trying a new local brewery, going for a run, hiking, rock climbing, having a movie night or golfing…I leave my weekends pretty book free.

So I guess my point is, that yes, I read a lot but it doesn’t mean I don’t live and do anything else.  I find I have a pretty healthy balance between my life outside of a book and within one. I would say 5 out of the 7 days in a week I’m exercising my mind (reading) and body (workouts/walks) and I find I feel healthier and happier because of it.

How do you guys split your time up between reading and real life? As always, Thanks for reading!

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