April (2017) Round Up

I swear the older I get, the faster these months start ending. April was a busy month, both personally and professionally.

April is busy when it comes to celebrating. We celebrated my birthday the middle of April, I was completely spoiled by everyone dear to my heart. Birthdays always remind me who my friends are, or at least the one’s that think I’m worth celebrating!

I’m really excited I got to celebrate my birthday this year too! We’ve been so busy that I didn’t think we would be able to, but my boyfriend found time in our busy schedules to do just that.

After birthday celebrations, we travelled to Vermont for Easter weekend. This year my family’s Easter and my boyfriend’s family’s Easter fell on the same day! So it was nice to be able to celebrate everyone’s Easter at once! The weather was beautiful so we were able to go for walks and relax, which is usually what happens when we are up there!

We also had my boyfriend’s mom stay with us for two nights which was enjoyable, as well as celebrating my mom’s birthday 2 weeks after mine (so many birthdays). We followed up the end of the month with a hike to Shelving Rock Mountain and Falls.

I also had a bridal shower to plan and attend the end of the month. I have to admit, it feels so good to have that done with and it was SO tiring. I had no idea it would take SO much work. It was way too stressful and I felt like it took over my life.
On the book side of things

I had a good month in April on books that I read, they are as follows:

I’ve reviewed them all except for Carve the Mark, to be honest, I forgot I read it this month. That goes to show that I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I wouldn’t recommend The Buccaneers either.

A Man Called Ove, The Bear and The Nightingale and the Snow Child were all SO good. I would say these are must reads and are all so different from each other that you could get in a few different genres by reading them. The Scottish Prisoner is probably my favorite Lord John Grey story by Diana Gabaldon, but of course if you haven’t read Outlander I wouldn’t recommend it.

I also received two unboxings this month. Outlander One Time Box from #thebookishbox (squeals…so good) and Head over Heels by Owlcrate (meh).

April – July is going to be busy for me. Plan to see more adventure posts soon!

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