Virgins – An Outlander Novella 

Author: Diana Gabaldon 

Synopsis: this story takes place right after Jamie escapes from Black Jack Randall after being flogged and has started to heal. He flees to France and meets up with his childhood (best friend Ian). This is their adventure before they join the army. 

Review: I really liked this novella. For one, it’s super short so you can read it in one sitting but also because it tells you a bit more about the young boy, James Fraser and what his life was like not only before meeting Claire but also after his flogging.

It gives you a glimpse of what he felt after but it also shows you the kinship he had with Ian, a character that you only know to a certain extent through the regular series. This is their friendship, without the ladies around. I would love more glimpses of this if possible. 
I gave it four stars and definitely would recommend it if you are an Outlander fan. I don’t know where this one fits in regards to Diana Gabaldon’s chronological order but I read this after Outlander and would recommend doing that to everyone. I like it here because you get to look back on the story that Jamie tells Claire and is what drives Jamie and Black Jack Randall’s storyline. 

I’m pretty sure you can only get this as an ebook, I don’t think it’s in any of Diana Gabaldon’s collections.

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