May OwlCrate Unboxing

This was my last box from Owlcrate on my three month trial subscription. Below is a list of the things I received and my overall take, plus what I’ve decided to do moving forward with these monthly boxes.

The Theme for this Month was Comic Explosion: 20170521_081956

  • Book: Eliza and Her Monsters.
  • Wonder Woman candle.
  • Harley Quinn Funko Pop!
  • A pin which is their staple every month.
  • An old school comic pen that has all the different ink colors
  • Some Coffee hard candies
  • a comic book

Overall, I thought this unboxing was okay. I love that the cover we got was an exclusive, so it’s not the same compared to the bookstores. I love my funko pop, partly because I just love funko pops in general. The candle is always worth it just for those nights when we realize we’ve run out of candles, and I’ve already used my pen.

So what’s the plan?

The plan is to save money on these boxes both Owlcrate and TheBookishBox. For Owlcrate I’m going to wait until after and see what the boxes are. They almost always have the previous box on sale without a subscription.

For The BookishBox I’m going to sign up on a month to month basis only when a theme sounds interesting (then cancelling/putting on hold). The other way I’ll be buying TheBookishBox is when it’s a one-time box theme that I like. I’m hoping this will help save some money in the long run and the amount of stuff I get.

If you’re interested in Owlcrate use the link here.

If you’re interested in TheBookishBox use the link here.

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