Saratoga Winery

When I lived in Vermont, everything was beer. When we moved back to New York, everything was wine. There are a lot of wineries in New York, especially in the Fingerlakes.  If you’re visiting Saratoga/Upstate New York/The Adirondacks, you will have enough wineries to go to if you like that kind of thing!

Saratoga Winery is one of the local hang out places in the area. It’s located about 5 miles from downtown Saratoga but totally worth the drive if you can find time to get there! Here are the highlights:

  • There are wine tastings ($5)- They give you an awesome tree of your chosen wine 20170513_172420with a description of each. It gives you more time to chat with your friends this way.
  • Beer tastings ($5 I think) –going with a friend that doesn’t like wine? No worries! They can do a flight of beer tasting (and they have local beer!) or just a pint
  • Mixed drink tastings ($12) You get 4 tastings of either shots or mixed drinks that have local vodka or moonshine with Saratoga Winery’s wine. (if you do the mixed drink) 
  • You can get brick oven pizza downstairs at certain times of the day, cheese and meat board and some other odds and ends snacks
  • There is live music 2 or 3 nights a week

One thing to keep in mine, their hours are kind of weird. I would recommend doing this earlier rather than later in the day. The latest they are open is 9pm and that’s only on Fridays!


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