Yaddo Gardens – Saratoga’s Fairytale

As a book reader, one thing I love is when I go someplace and can picture it within a book. Whether it be because of the people, the architecture or the land, I love being able to go somewhere and picture as it was when first built. This is exactly what you will feel when you enter Yaddo Gardens in Saratoga Springs New York. To be honest, it literally feels like you’re walking into a fairytale right from a book. Yaddo is a hidden gem in Saratoga, and I recommend anyone who is visiting to take a stroll through the gardens just for a few minutes.


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 In a way you are. The garden was a gift by Spencer Trask to his wife in 1899. If that doesn’t scream fairytale out of a novel I don’t know what does. Now it’s open to the public for viewing, with a society that helps to keep it up and running on a yearly basis. Not only are there gorgeous gardens (I recommend going mid-June) but the architecture is interesting and lovely. It’s hidden right before the race course and while you can still (unfortunately) hear a bit of the highway, it’s drowned out by the quietness the garden provides. Even with some car traffic, we could still clearly hear the birds chirping in the wooded area around us.

Yaddo is one of my favorite places in my hometown. Not only because of how old it is, but for how beautiful and unique it is as well. While you’re roaming the gardens, you might see wedding and engagement photos being taken, or people there having a small picnic which to me, just adds to its appeal. What’s also great, is that you can see all of it in less than an hour so it won’t take away from doing all the other wonderful things Saratoga has to offer.


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