Life After Life 

Let’s start with the reason I might not have liked this one as much as I wanted to.

  1. This book was very hyped up for me. I had three people tell me that it was really good.
  2. I had no idea what it was about. I only bought it for the purpose of my free third book with two others that I wanted
  3. Once I started reading it, what I thought it was about wasn’t it at all.

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This doesn’t necessarily mean that I hated Life After Life. It just means that I probably should have known more about it before I started. To be honest, I would read the ending pages – one that’s a review by someone and another that’s written by the author herself on why she wrote this book. I think it will give you a better picture.

Synopsis: Ursula Todd dies in 1910 on the day she is born. Then again, Ursala Todd is born in 1910 and her life continues. Her story follows her living and dying repeatedly throughout the 500 pages whether when she’s young or in the middle of the war, her life ends and restarts. 

Review: There are a lot of parts of this book that I enjoyed. I loved the minute you realize that one decision could alter your life and everyone else’s around you. That sometimes life happens and it’s not what you wanted/expecyed but it didn’t have anything to do with a decision you made. It’s connects both, because that’s life, it’s your decisions, the non decisions and the out of your control aspects that shape the life you lead. The book in itself captures the what ifs, what if you didn’t marry the guy you married, or didn’t take the job or travel? How would that change your path?

Another aspect I liked was that even though you only followed Ursala and her different lives, her different lives could have been other people’s. There were people living in Germany during WWII that weren’t nazis, there were people trying to help find people under the rubble and others that moved to America.

What I didn’t like was the repetition. Eveeytime Ursala died and was reborn it brought you back to passages that you had already read. While it wasn’t terrible and while it was an interesting idea, I found it to be a little boring/wordy at times.
I gave this one 3 stars. Have you guys read this one? What did you think?

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