48 Hours in Maine

In the beginning of June, I was lucky enough to take a weekend trip to Maine. It was my first to Maine in well over 10 years. I was there for exactly 48 Hours.

We were staying in York (Beach), Maine but what I love is how close everything is. Even though we stayed in York, I ended up spending some hours in Ogunquit, Kittery and Wells. Since it was early June, it was a little cold for the beach but that just meant I got to explore more! Here’s a break down.

Ogunquit and Wells

Ogunquit is a cute and quaint little town. I  really loved their beach as well. It was huge but the part of Ogunquit that I think everyone should do is walk The Marginal Way.  I don’t know how long the whole walk would be but everything is paved which I liked and it was right on the coast. The views were gorgeous and there were a bunch of benches for sitting/reading, stairs down to the beach and rocky areas where you could sit closer to the water.

We weren’t in Wells for anything other than ice cream at the Scoop Deck, but seriously guys you have to go. They had so many flavors and a kiddie cone was so large we were shocked. It was all very delicious. I am so happy my friend told me about it.

York, Maine

What can I say about York other than there is so much to do! Of course there are beaches, but we wanted adventures so we did more than just sit (um or read) at the beach. Since we stayed here, we saw more of it than any of the other towns.  Here are my top 5 things to do:

1. The Beach: yes, of course go to the beach and get some sun, that’s why we go to the coast isn’t it? Be aware, no matter what time of the season, the water will be cold.

2. Nubble Lighthouse: you can’t skip seeing at least one lighthouse when you’re on a beach vacation. It’s basically everyone’s tradition.

3. Wiggly Bridge: We did this on our first night there. It’s a quick walk in the ‘forest’, but it’s really the wiggly bridge that everyone comes to experience. While it was small and there wasn’t a rainforest near by, it reminded me of the cloud forest in Costa Rica.

4. York Cliffs: like the Marginal Way, York cliffs is another spot to check out and walk. However this is not for people who want a leisure walk. The path is very rocky and it isn’t paved so this is a warning. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, then don’t do it. Shoes should definitely be worn and even long pants (poison ivy). I regret not doing either (don’t worry, no broken ankles or poison ivy!) The views were gorgeous though, I’ve never been to Scotland, but this is what I imagine it to look like.

5. York Town: it’s always a tradition of mine to at least walk the town where I’m staying, sometimes I buy things, sometimes I don’t. Like Ogunquit, York is a little quaint town. I would definitely recommend going to the Kettle Boys. They have so many random flavors, it’s worth checking out. If you have kids, stop by the Goldenrod and watch taffy be made.

On a side note, you should definitely eat at the Fisherman’s dock and definitely should not eat at the York River Landing.


Everyone knows kittery for the outlets (and yes, we went there), but there is also a lot of history in the oldest town in Maine.

We only spent about 2 hours at Fort Foster and had a lovely picnic there. A car load of people is $10 but you can definitely spend the whole day there. You will find multiple different beaches, a pier, picnic areas, a playground, some old buildings and walking trails.

One of the great things about Maine is that almost every place I went to had some type of beach. So even if you’re exploring, you can still take a few hours at each to just enjoy the sun, sand, ocean and breeze. I will definitely be coming back.

11 thoughts on “48 Hours in Maine

  1. kerrymckim says:

    Your pics are amazing. And you are getting me excited. I didn’t get to go back last summer but I am going back twice this summer, July is my best friends wedding and Aug for my 20th high school reunion (I don’t know how I got so old)


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