The Bookish Box June Box

Well hello there book lovers! I recently switched from getting owlcrate’s monthly boxes to The Bookish Box again. Here’s my plan of attack to save some money.

  • I am doing month to month, that way I can skip a month if it’s not a theme I like. While it does cost a little more, the past 3 months of boxes I would have wanted so this is my way of hoping it won’t cost so much
  • I switched to just get the goodies and maybe the book based on theme. I have a lot of t shirts so I don’t want to overload me.

The total cost of just the goodies is $18.99 a month plus shipping. So that’s what I have so far…the downfall is I want the July box too WITH the book so the whole saving money thing hasn’t happened yet. We will see how it goes the next couple of months. Okay unto the #unboxing!

June’s theme was Fantasy Kingdom boxes. The Bookish Box said that if you liked stories from George R.R. Martin and Sarah J. Mass this was for you. Honestly, I these were the only two themes in this one but I loved it all the same.

You guysss this box came with a pillow case! For my someday library through society 6 (which also makes beach towels…need asap). Anyway, I haven’t read this line yet in ACOTAR but it doesn’t matter, it screams what this blog is all about so I love it.

I also received two things related to Game of thrones. A lovely bookmark (downfall it’s about Sansa) and this awesome print. My hope is to get creative this summer with these prints and get them read for a room full of books (when the creativity hits, I’ll talk about it).

The other goodies included an ACOTAR lollipop and chapstick/lip balm which I’m excited to try.

Overall, I loved this box. The pillow case really did it for me and for awhile I was getting bored with all the bookmarks but this one was creative so I’m really excited to try it out! Anyone else get book goofoex from the bookish box? I’m bummed I missed out on the shirt but I’m going to hold out and see if they do a previous sale down the road.

Interested in the bookish box? Here’s a referral link 😊.

All of the links above, will bring you to the websites of the people that made these gorgeous bookish things

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