How American Girl dolls shaped my bookish life 

When someone asks me how I got into reading, my initial response is always Harry Potter. It seems to be the first book series that I ever remember reading for fun.

But recently I was having a conversation with someone and they mentioned America Girl Dolls and I realized that not only was the American Girl dolls one of my first books to read and like but it sort of defined at a young age what genre I would read even in my late 20s.

Growing up, the selection of dolls was nowhere near where it is today. They were as follows:

  • Samantha: 1904
  • Addy: 1864
  • Josefina: 1824
  • Kirsten: 1854
  • Felicity: 1700s
  • Molly:1946

Of the 6 dolls listed above, I had 5 of them. Can you guess which ones before you look below? (Spoilers)

The only doll I didn’t have growing up was Molly because she was too “present”, meaning being from the 1940s didn’t interest me. Which is interesting since i lpve the WWII time period now, but maybe at age 8, war wasn’t in my mind.  I wanted the dolls and read the stories of the ones from different countries and history (hi Abby). Looking back, my taste in books are the same.

It wasn’t until I started talking about them and realized Harry Potter might not have shaped my love for reading to the extent that I thought. To be honest, it was a nice little surprise.
Have you guys had this happen? What book when you were younger shaped what you read now?

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