Harry Potter Choose Your Box – TheBookishBox

Eeekkkk it finally arrived! You guys, theBookishBox did what every Harry Potter fan wants in their life. Not only a one-time Harry Potter box but also one that was called Choose Your Box. Which meant you literally got to CHOOSE your HOUSE. Everyone was so excited, I almost didn’t get this one and it would have been a huge mistake.

Part of the reason why I didn’t want to get this box was because I couldn’t choose which house I belonged in. I’m not Gryffindor and I kind of think they are over-rated and some of my friends think I’m Ravenclaw but I’m not smart enough to consider myself Ravenclaw- that’s all my boyfriend. So I ended up with Hufflepuff, which truly fits me other than the patience part, but to be fair I’m patient at work just not with anything else. Plus– I wanted to be like Newt and he’s a Hufflepuff so there we go!

Each box came with 4 goodies specific to the house box you chose. Each box did come with the same Harry Potter neckalce. The contents of the un-boxing were:

  • Hufflepuff Bookmark by Lexy Olivia. It’s funny, a few months ago, I was sick of all the bookmarks I was getting — now I can’t wait to get one in the mail!
  • Hogwarts Necklace by The Bookish Shop — The necklace has a feather, the deathly hallows and a lightening bolt as charms with four beads representing the house colors.
  • Large Hufflepuff themed Candle by Whiskey Diamond Candle Co — I seriously love every candle I get from Whiskey Diamond. This one is dandelions, green grass and baked desserts with the Sorting hats quote/song on the side AND a badge charm to represent Hufflepuff (oh my god, that might be my favorite thing in the entire box)
  • House Mug by Christina Doodles — I was really excited for the mug but ended up a little disappointed. The yellow on white and the font makes it a little hard to read which is a bummer but otherwise ti’s something else to add to the collection anyway. The mug says: “You might belong to Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, Those patient hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil”.
  • The shirt from The Bookish Shop — also has part of the same quote from the mug but this time the yellow is on black, you can read it and it’s awesome.

I seriously love the one time boxes by the bookish box. So far, I don’t have any more coming (other than the monthly boxes) but I’ll keep you posted!


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