How I keep Track of My TBR 

I’m new to this whole TBR process. I never started actually doing a TBR until I started this blog in fact. I used to just add books to my goodreads wish list and choose that way. But then I realized I have a LOT of books at home that I’ve had for awhile that I haven’t read.

I love lists. Lists for the weekend, at work, a vacation, you name it I love it. But  I’ve noticed I don’t really like book lists as much. What if I’m not in the mood to read the book off my list? What if I don’t want to read what I have but just something new? These are all questions I’ve asked myself in the past couple of months.

So I decided on two things: 20170708_081905

  1. I changed how my books are on my bookshelf
  2. I decided to read one newer book but then go read an old one (And one I have)

Reasons for this? 

  • I don’t want to feel like my TBR list is a “job” and I have to read the books in the order they appear. Sure, I’ll do a small TBR for seasons but leave enough room to mix it up
  • If I read a new book but then one I already own, I might save some money (maybe)

What am I doing differently

  • I’m keeping my seasonal TBR to give me some help on the books I’ve held onto for too long, but not in a particular order to read
  • I’ve changed up my bookshelf. I have two shelves dedicated to books I haven’t read, the smaller one are the books on my current TBR, once I’ve read them, I’ll swap them out with my other shelf in my larger bookcase (picture above, top shelf) until one of these shelves is completely READ 20170708_081820.jpgI thought this idea might help me get away from lists but choose based on what I feel like reading and maybe just on a whim, say, based on a pretty cover.

I’m going to give it a try, I’ll let you all know how it goes, maybe I’ll stick it out the rest of the year and let you know in my yearly book wrap up.

What do you guys normally do when it comes to your TBR? Do you stick to it? What happens when you don’t? I would be interested to know so maybe I can try 😊

Thanks in advance!

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