The Notebook 

Currently listening to: Dierks Bentley 

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Synopsis: The Notebook is a brief (200 pg) story about Noah and Allie. A weekend they meet after 14 years apart. 

Review: that’s all I’m giving as a synopsis because honestly there isn’t really that much to this book. This will be one of the very few times I say the movie is so much better than the book. I mean, not only is this story on pages extra sappy and romantic, there is no way to fall in love with these characters. Unlike the movie, you don’t get a storyline that is significant of their teenage love, instead you get brief thoughts from the two of them. It’s hard to fall in love with the story when it’s missing so many details. 

I’m really happy I saw this movie before the book, otherwise it would have been even more of a disappointment than the 2 stars I gave it. 

Have you read the book and seen the movie? What are your thoughts? 

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