A Day Trip to Bennington 

There are a lot of things I like about where I live; family, friends, mountains, lakes, the history,  and wine are among them. But one thing I really like is how centrally located the capital region is to the rest of the northeast. 

You can be in VT and Massachusetts in less than an hour. NYC is roughly 3 hours, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire roughly 4 hours. Boston? 3hours, Syracuse? 2 1/2hours. I love this because I feel like I can be connected to anywhere in a really short amount of time.  

Bennington is that quaint Vermont town that everyone has heard of. There are literally road trails you can take to bring you to a bunch of different covered bridges, which is another known fact of the Vermont lifestyle. 

But Vermont also offers a lot of history just like New York. Bennington is home to the Bennington Monument in recognition of the fighting during the revolutionary road as well as Old First Church. My literary side of me geeked out going to the Chuch and seeing the final resting place of one of this country’s greatest poets, Robert Frost. 

Other than going to the museums and little shops that are around, you can take drive on the Mary Stark Road, a scenic drive that would be perfect in the fall. The only downside was that we couldn’t find any of the hiking trails and my phone lost service so I couldn’t look it up. This might need to be planned again but I was pretty disappointed with there being no signs to the specific hikes I was looking for. 

Before lunch, stop at Northshire Brewery to taste their beers and get to know the people that work there. The Brewery itself is very small but the people are nice and the beer is great! 

My recommendation? Do what everyone does and visit Bennington in the fall when the leaves are in full bloom. 

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