12 Years A Slave 

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Author: Solomon Northup

Synopsis: 12 Years A Slave is the story of Solomon Northup, a man born free in the north before the start of the Civil War. Solomon and his family lived in Upstate New York — (there are even signs in my hometown about him) where he was kidnapped from Sararoga and sold as a slave. He left his family behind in New York for 12 Year’s and lived on different plantations in the South. This is his story, in his eyes and his words — his survival, his intelligence and his luck in trusting a fellow human-being to help him. Solomon Northup was “lucky”, he had friends in the North and a new friend in the South that helped him get his freedom after 12 Years of captivity. This is that story.


Review: As you all know, I’m not a memoir person but this story was very well written. Solomon Northup (and his writing helper) twisted words together to depict a picture of slavery that isn’t always easy to understand. 

“I was doomed to endure such bitter trials as the poor slave only knows, and to lead no more the comparatively happy life which I had led in the ‘Great Pine Woods.’

Everyone has been educated about slavery in America, whether it be in text books or through movies, we’ve all read about the horrors of times before the civil war. But Solomon Northup goes beyond this, he shows all sides of slavery, the way he felt and the different types of ‘masters’ he had. All of which was really interesting and put a different light on who he was, who and what slaves went through and who some of the ‘masters’ in the deep South were like. 

This is definitely a book everyone should read for a better grasp on the times for people living through it. 

Has anyone else read this? What did you think? 

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