A Visit To Chatham Mass

I thought about doing one large post about my time in Cape Cod this year, but honestly we did so many different things and in so many different places that I didn’t think it made sense to try and jam it all into one post. Instead, I’m breaking them apart. The first is Chatham, Massachusetts. Set on the elbow of Cape Cod, Chatham is known for it’s seals, sharks, quaint town and celebrity style houses. Here’s some things you can do if you’re staying for a few days. 20170729_121852

The Town

Even the town is in Cape style. I recommend trying to do this on a day when you need a break from the beach, if you like to shop I guarantee you could last the whole day up there (I’m not really a shopper). There are fun stores for children to go to as well! Obviously every beach town has a candy store, but Chatham also has some toy stores and a rubber duck store, yes you read that right, it’s super cute too. If it’s a rainy day, you can catch a movie at the theater and if you’re lucky to be there on a certain night, there is live music or catch the Chatham baseball team.

The Beaches

All of the beaches require you to pay to get into them, ranging from $15 to $20 a day. If you’re there for a week, I would recommend getting a week’s pass which is a lot cheaper. The pass is good for the town that you are in, not for beaches outside of the region. We went to two while we were in ChathamHardings (for a sunset) and Lighthouse beach. I really enjoyed Lighthouse beach because it didn’t have as many people as some of the others ones in Chatham (like Ridgevale), I’ve heard the same about Hardings. Other activities you can do near the beaches is rent Paddleboards or Kayaks and go out on Oyster Pond for the day or take a boat ride to see the seals.20170726_131256

Where to eat


There is only one place on the entire Cape that I would recommend you eat at and that’s Chatham Fish and Lobster. Not only is the food delicious but it’s reasonably priced. It’s the first place we go when we get to Chatham and we go more than once. You can also stop for some ice cream on the way back from mini golf. Or try the Fish Pier for some chowder, that’s on our list next year. Not only because (mmmm) chowder but because of the view below.


Have you been to Chatham? What have you done on a trip there before? Gone on the bike trail or a marsh trail? Comment below and tell me what you think of the area!

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