The Disappearances

Synopsis: Aila and her brother are forced to leave their home after their mother passes away and their father is sent off to war in the 1920s. They are sent to Sterling, to live with their mother’s friend And family and learn a secret that their mother had kept from them all this time. They return to her hometown where every seven years something disappears, no one knows why but they think it’s connected to Aila’s mother. Will Aila and her friends be able to stop the disappearances from happening before it’s too late?


Review: I received this book in my bookishbox July box, I had been hoping for one more related to witchcraft (based on the theme) so I was surprised when this is what appeared, which may have had me a little bias on the book but here it goes.

I actually liked all the main characters in this one. Some who didn’t get along in the beginning showed how working together for the common good is better than letting your pride get in the way. I also like the time period and that this own little town is dealing with something unknown to the rest of the world (a world going through war) but at the same time seeing Aila and her brother go through the different stages of grief after their mother dies. It was talked about, it was understood and they worked a way to keep living with the pain.

**Spoiler** adding Shakespeare to the mix was definitely an interesting twist and I liked that every once in awhile you would read one of his poems and have to interpret it differently than how you normally would.

Overall this was pretty interesting and definitely something sort of sci do that I’ve never read before. I did find some lull spots and felt like the ending was rushed but I would still recommend for someone under the age of 20.

Have you guys read this? What did you think? Also– I kind of LOVE the cover. Click the picture for more info!

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