Reorganizing my booklife

I’ve already done a post on how I keep Track of my TBR, which you can find here. So far, this has really been working, I love that all the books I have to read are on shelves instead of part of a list. It lets me choose based on mood and maybe even cover.

My biggest problem lately is that I have too many books. Who thought would be a problem? At my apartment right now, I have over 120 books. This doesn’t include books I’ve given to friends and family to borrow, which means there are even more. Which got me thinking about how my books are organized and what will happen when I get those books back. So I decided to re-organize my book life.


I just got a new bookcase so I felt like it was time to reorganize everything to a way that wouldn’t have my books on the floor anymore. So I categorized them in a way that made sense to me, they were as follows: wp-image-639031521

  • My TBR pile, which is the top shelf – I figured this would help me know exactly where to go to find my next book
  • Education/Travel/Classics/Non-fiction – all on one shelf, include books to help with my adventures, classic reads and books from school. I put nonfiction here too because it ties to educational
  • Magic – all books related to magic in some way, with some mystery (because of authors matching on there too)
  • Fantasy/Sci-fi is up next
  • Historical Fiction and some random (no other place to put them for now)
  • Outlander and Poldark I will probably need more than one shelf for these but for now they fit on one.



I left room on some of my shelves so when I read a book it will have a place on whatever shelf it belongs to.

This is the only way I could think of organizing my bookshelf. I love the shelves where they are color coordinated and everything looks so pretty but honestly that’s not me, I don’t have the “eye” for that.

How many bookcases do you have? How do you organize your bookshelves? I would love to hear from you! I can use those ideas for when I’m putting this one together!

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