Adventures Updates

Hey everyone! I realized that this blog has lately been all about my book reviews and nothing about adventures! In fact, since July the only adventure we have done is go for a hike at Cascade Mountain.

Have no fear though! We haven’t had a lot of adventures because we’ve been planning so many that we just haven’t had time to go on any! I can’t wait to tell you all about them and if I’m MIA for a bit it’s because of them all.

Here’s what you can get ready for:

  • Chicago
  • Chicago x2
  • Seneca Lake
  • Miami Fl.
  • England –London, Bath, Cornwall

Some of these are far away but I’m so excited I just couldn’t wait to tell you guys!  I want to be able to not only share my adventures with you but how we went about planning and budgeting for them (you can check out my Pinterest site for some helpful pins as well). So you’re probably going to see two posts for each adventure; one on how we planned it all and another on the actual experience of the trip.

Anyway, do you any travel tips? Have you guys been to any of these places? If so, what would you recommend?

Talk soon ☺

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