August 2017 Roundup

It’s almost fall! My favorite time of the year! But before fall can happen, I have to wrap up August.


The Adventures

Both of these adventures were milestones for me. I had never hiked any of the NY 46ers before and I had never been to Chicago, but in one month we checked both off the list! Chicago was so much fun, you can read all about it by clicking on the link above.

Books Read

Books I would recommend to read:

  • Voyager, obviously. The third installment in the Outlander Series became one of my favorites this time around. The anticipation for the two to see each other again kept you wanting more.
  • Throne of Glass, while I didn’t like the beginning, the second half keeps me coming back for more
  • Winter Garden, seriously, is there anything Kristin Hannah can’t do? You will smile and might even shed a tear, but the story itself is worth it.

Books I thought “meh”:

  • B as in Beruit, I liked the premise of the story but there were things I wish had been written differently
  • The Disappearances, I thought the way the story was written kept it interesting enough to want to keep reading. It had a nice “poetic” element to it too, but this is one I would recommend reading from the library

Books I don’t recommend:

  • The Midnight Queen, I wanted to really like this. It had everything I could want but I felt like something was missing.
  • The Custom Army, this story was too short of a novella to really grasp the purpose (to be fair, I read it out of order).

Have you read any of these? What do you think?

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