Crown of Midnight

Author: Sarah J. Maas Throne of Glass #2

Synopsis: Crown of Midnight basically picks off right where the 1st book ended. Celaena has completed her challenge and is living now at the Glass Castle with a new job in hand for the King while also attempting to secretly work for herself at the same time. While Celaena is out there trying to keep justice and her secrets, she begins to realize that others close to her aren’t exactly what they seem and with this comes challenges for them all to overcome.

Review: This one started out a little slow but once again Sarah J. Maas really sucked me in and I ended up going to grab #3. Celaena and the rest of the characters all grow a lot in this one. They start to learn truths about themselves, secrets they didn’t know they had, feelings for others that they didn’t know existed and a change in loyalty that is unexpected. But when tragedy hits, these secrets become knowledge of others, and trust becomes more difficult to handle. How do they react is an underlining story line in my opinion. Their decisions will change the course of their lives. The ending was epic in the sense of really setting up the storyline, more so than the first one.

Can I fangirl for a second? I love Chaol! He is up there with Jamie Fraser and Four in the favorite male fictional character category for myself. I love Chaol and Celaena’s relationship and what he brings to the table which really makes me nervous for the next books (and yes, I know, Tower of Fawn just came out and it’s all about Chaol). I’m really nervous that it’s not going to end well for Chaol but we will see.

*Spoiler* (

(I’m a little angry about how Celaena treated him, especially when she has kept secrets from him this whole time)

Have you guys read this? What did you think? Did you go buy the next one immediately like me? Are you a fan if Chaol or not so much?

Happy reading!

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