The Space Between

Author: Diana Gabaldon

Outlander Novella

Synopsis: Picking up at the during and at the end of Written in My Own Hearts Blood, it’s the story of many characters, some fairly new and some not. Joan McKimmie is escorted to Paris to be a nun by Michael Murray, nephew to Jamie and wine merchant in Paris. But while their story is intricate to the novella, so is the infamous Comte St. Germain (who we thought was dead for 20+ years) and Master Raymond (aka the frog, who we thought killed him). How do these 4 characters come together? Why is the Comte still alive? And where who is Master Raymond?

The Space Between (Outlander, #7.5)

Review: This one took me awhile to read but it had nothing to do with the story or Diana Gabaldon. The reason it took me so long was because this wasn’t the only thing I was reading (to future self…do not read more than one story/novella/book at a time). But once I read it, I really enjoyed it. It was fun to learn more about the Comte and Master Raymond and by the way it ended, I’m thinking there migbt be more on this story, or at least mentions in the larger books that still need to come out. It will be interesting to see Raymond’s life more especially after a crazy teist/spoiler was revealed! I even want to know what happened with Joan and Michael! I hope we get more!

Two downsides to reading this:

  • Reading it out of order is a bad idea, it was really hard to remember where the story left off
  • Alias names confused me at times, especially for such a short novella but oh well.



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