The Hearts We Sold

Author: Emma Lloyd Jones

Synopsis: Dee Moreno finds herself in a predicament. She needs to make a deal with a demon, otherwise she needs to go back to a life she’s been trying to hide and leave in the past. But when she makes the deal with the Daemon, he asks for her heart as his bargain — along with three other teenagers she becomes one of his heartless. She thinks that’s the end of it but she realizes early on, that giving up her heart wasn’t the only thing she will endure. She is thrown into a reality that she didn’t know existed, and what happens when she loses her heart but finds she isn’t heartless?

Review: I got this one in one of my owlcrate unboxings. No, I would not have picked this one up to read if I had seen it at a bookstore — let’s get that out of the way, and I probably would tell you not to read this one.

Here’s the good:

  • I thought the idea was really cool
  • I liked that there were different kinds of characters

Yes, that’s it. Honestly it wasn’t that there was a lot of bad but there was a lot of meh. I felt like the book took off and ended and there was no connection I felt with any of the characters. Some of the descriptions weren’t vivid either, when I should be grossed out or disgusted, I found none of that because the descriptions and fear portrayed didn’t do it for me. I also found the main character, while going through a lot and showing us readers that you can conquer a bad home life, didn’t have enough personality.

Everything felt rushed, from the meetings, to the romances, to the fight to save the world.

While the concept was interesting, I didn’t find the story interesting and it’s honestly making me think whether I should keep getting owlcrate since I haven’t enjoyed some of their books recently.

What did you guys think? Based a conversation I’ve had with someone, I am not the only one who felt this way.

3 thoughts on “The Hearts We Sold

  1. bujoowl says:

    I still haven’t managed to read this one. I don’t think I’ve heard a single good review from anyone that got in the OwlCrate box! So disappointing but ill probably get around to reading it eventually.

    Liked by 1 person

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