The Lovely Bones

Author: Alice Sebold

Synopsis: What happens when your family goes through a tragedy? This is what happened to Susie’s family the night she went missing, and the nights after that pieces were discovered to suggest that she was murdered. Susie knows all this, she’s watching her family grieve from her own little Heaven. She doesn’t beat about the bush, she tells you who killed, how and maybe even why from the beginning. She doesn’t know if her murder will ever be solved, but what’s more important is her family and the devastation that they are feeling as the months and years go on.

Review:  I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this story when I first picked it up, I thought it would be all about Susie’s murder, who killed her, how he was caught etc but it wasn’t that at all. While I found myself wanting to know what happened, this story was more about survival in the face of death and the loss people feel among such tragedy.

The Lovely BonesThe Lovely Bones is not just about the death of Susie and the horrific tragedy that took place for her family, friends and community, it’s about what happens after the tragedy. Grief is dealt with in many different ways by many different people, all seen through this story. Each character that had been touched by Susie deals with her death differently. But the story is even more than that, it’s about moving on with a life without your loved one but never forgetting them in the little details that remain. It’s about coming together and finding a way to live with what you’ve lost. While the story itself is sad, it’s also uplifting at the same time. When the worse happens, when your world seems to be ending, you can find a way to get through it because you are stronger than you think.

Susie’s narrative dived into this feeling and it’s  nice to think that you’re loved ones are looking down at you, cheering you on just like Susie did with her family. She had to live through them because she couldn’t live anymore but she found a way to make peace with that and she realized that her family would never forget her and that they would be okay, she would be okay.

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