Author: D.H. NevinsWormwood (Wormwood #1)

Synopsis: kali Lives with her father and is a campground guide. She has a normal life until she meets a man at night on one of her hikes. For ten years they don’t see each other until the end of time….literally. the world as kali knows it ends one day, she sees no people, sees no sunlight, the only thing she sees is Tiamat, a man struggling with his duty and the man she met 10 years before. Who is he? How does he relate to the destruction she just saw and why, no matter what, can she not stay away?

Review: While wormwood is fantasy, it is so different from anything I’ve read before that it’s not hard for me to tell you to give it a try.

It was refreshing to think that it was difficult to compare the idea of this novel to any other that I’ve read, which in itself, during a time of so much YA fantasy is hard to come by. One of the main characters, Tiamat is so very complicated that it’s hard to determine who and what he believes in and whether or not you should like him or hate him (it would have been interesting to see everything that happened in his point of view at times).

But that helps make the story one that you want to keep reading. I found that even with the romance, it wasn’t why I was still reading it, and the romance wasn’t too much like a lot of these newer YA fantasies tend to be, I sped through it too and read an excerpt from the next one that has me interested in, excuse my language what the hell is going to happen. With all the characters so complex in this story, the character development is one I can’t wait to read more about.

Be aware, there are moments where the detail is so vivid that I cringed at times, but I feel I would rather have these vivid images than ones of dullness. D.H. Nevins (who by the way is awesome) let me know in advance that there’s some dark stuff in this to get me ready. I was really happy for the advanced notice. Also if you want to know about the author or her book, find here on Twitter. Thanks again D.H. for the read!

18 thoughts on “Wormwood

  1. D.H. Nevins says:

    Thank you for taking the time to write and share this awesome review. Feedback like this is invaluable–especially now that I’m writing the final pages of Angel of Shadow (the sequel), and I’m going through the typical phases of writer’s doubt! This was exactly what I needed. Thanks again. 😊

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