A Leaf on The Wind of All Hallows

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Author: Diana Gabaldon

Novella, ebook, 70 pages

Synopsis: This is the story of Rodger MacKenzie’s parents. Rodger knows his mother died during an air raid, he was with her as a child and survived. His father, he believes was lost during a mission Claire’s husband Frank sent him on during the war. This bittersweet story explains what really happened, and who his parents were (who, by the way were adorable). 20170930_095047.png

Review: This is probably my favirit4 short novel by Diana Gabaldon that I’ve read as it relates to the Outlander series. While I loved The Scottish Prisoner I don’t count it as a novella (it was much larger even though it wasn’t a full size novel). This story of Rodger’s parents and an adult Rodger is so breathtakingly beautiful. It’s heartbreaking but still such a wonder of a story in 70 pages that I recommend it to anyone who reads the Outlander series. We learn some interesting information in this one, something Rodger might not have known until the moment he sees it. At the same time, Diana does a great job of showing the courage R.A.F fighters had during the war as well as their family back home knowing that the chance of their loved one survival was slim.

What I also liked was seeing Frank (yes you read that right) during the war even if it was a glimpse. You knew from Claire’s point of view that it was difficult for him but this showed it more which I liked as well.

Overall, this is definitely worth the read, I found myself happy and sad all at once by the end of this story.

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