What to do in Chicago as a Non-Tourist

Second time in Chicago in a month! To think I had never been before and now can say I’ve gone twice is something I’m really happy about. Also — shout out to the fact that I hate flying and have already done it 3 times this year!

This time around, we weren’t able to do very touristy type things. We were only in Chicago (because of a wedding in Indiana) for about a day. So I tried to compile some things to do that we did with the locals — most of which is all about the food!

Revolution Brewery

This was one of the coolest things we did in Chicago. We had originally wanted to go to Goose Island Brewery but it was booked so we decided to go to Revolution Brewery instead. The actual brewery had a ton of beer on tap to try. You could get a small tasting, or a pint and even though there wasn’t any food there, you could bring your own. You can also do a free tour that comes with a free can of beer — the tour is roughly 40mins but it goes by really fast.

The Restaurants

We went to a bunch of restaurants this time around. Of course we went to Stan’s Donuts for a quick breakfast before we left for the airport. We even brought some donuts home with us because it was too good to pass up. We also went to the Bongo Room for breakfast and let me tell you, it was a huge breakfast. We both got omelettes and it came with everything you could probably think of — hash browns, omelettes and hash-browns, all which were pretty delicious.

If you get a chance, try some Molart (I didn’t try it) which is a disgusting staple of alcohol from Chicago.

Biking Through the City


You can also rent some bikes in Chicago through BlueCross and BlueSheild. These bikes can be found all over the city and are easy to rent (using a credit card or cash). You don’t have to bring the bikes back to the location where you rented either, it’s like Redbox. It’s really affordable too and a convenient way to get around and see the sites in a different way. You can use it for the 19 mile lake shore bike path in the city.

4 thoughts on “What to do in Chicago as a Non-Tourist

  1. Nicole Anderson says:

    I agree that the best way to really see a place is to always go where the locals go. They know what is best and you get a real feel of the location that way – far quicker than by just going to the most visited tourist attractions. Great post on Chicago – looks like you had a really good time!

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