After You

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Author: JoJo Moyes

Synopsis: the story picks up 18 months after Will’s death, following Louisa Clark while she still tried to figure out the hole that was left when Will died. Will asked her to do one thing, to live and to live well and in the beginning, Louisa is failing up to the potential that Will thought she had and she knows it and she’s angry. She’s going through stages of grief in her own way, she’s basically stuck. But when a life altering accident happens, and when someone from Will’s past shows up, Louisa’s life of grief changes is drastically.

Review: I liked this story, a lot, but at times I found that stories were lacking or stories were flat (in the sense I didn’t care, I cared more about Louisa). For example, while it was great to see Louisa’s parents more, I didn’t really care about their problems, I liked how their relationship grew with Louisa and I wish there had been more of that. I also remember a scene (no spoilers) with another character and wondering later on, Well? What happened? Did they get in trouble of not? There were also parts that seemed a little cliche, but overall, I gave it 3 stars.

However Moyes does a great job with grief, Louisa makes a deal with her father to go to a grief counseling group and there she learns that there are other people like her. All dealing with hardships and difficulties since someone close to them has died. They bring up great points like ‘people just assume since it’s been two years that my grief should be over.’ It’s a powerful statement because it deals with the fact that you will feel alone and alone quite a lot. The group is there for Louisa, at first, like everyone she doesn’t want to be there but she comes around and sees first hand how important they are for her.

The new characters were a good add to the story. Other than the group people, I enjoyed Ambulance Sam and the way he tried to help Louisa through her life when it was a mess. Lily added a great twist to the story (though with a predictable ending) and even Louisa’s boss, because you don’t always have a good boss.

I liked how the story showed that Will was never going to leave the lives of the people that loved him but that they were finding a way to move on and through their grief. The story showed that people can help you try to move on and celebrate the life that was lost but until you, yourself decide to do it, you will be stuck with the memory forever, and if I’m being honest I wouldn’t mind more. I would like to see Louisa’s life progress even more and her adventures and choices be on paper to read more of her story, maybe someday but I would be surprised if it happened.


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