Hello everyone! October was my first month ever getting a box from shelflovecrate. I decided to try it because I didn’t like the October box choices for Owlcrate or TheBookishbox and felt like this was the perfect opportunity to try a new one.

Shelflovecrate vs. Owlcrate vs. TheBookishBox

It’s somewhat of a new subscription box (started this summer), that’s kind of a mix of Owlcrate and TheBookishbox. Like TheBookishbox you can get it without a book (which is what I did) and like Owlcrate, I’ve never seen it come with a shirt. What I really like about it is that you can just do a one-time order whenever you want rather than having to sign up for either a month to month subscription or the other monthly subscriptions that TheBookishbox and Owlcrate have. Unfortunately like Owlcrate it doesn’t give you the option of an adult book (hello thebookishbox). But it’s also like thebookishbox in the sense that shipping seems to take awhile. Even though it’s priority mail it still took a lot longer (5 days total) to arrive compared to Owlcrate.

A One Time Purchase Cost

Cost without a book: 30.98

Cost with a book: 37.98

I have so many books at the moment, I went with the option of without to save some money since this was my first time.

Anyway, the theme in October was Enchanted Journeys. Their instagram account describer it as: “The ENCHANTED JOURNEYS box is ideal for all those bookish wanderlust individuals out there! We’ve included items based on some of our favorite journey books such as, but not limited to, LOTR, ACOTAR, and ADSOM.” I was so excited, I really liked ACOTAR and LOTR so I had high expectations and the box and how it is curated is just so pretty.


But sadly for the price, I was sorely disappointed. I felt like this box was really missing a wow moment. I saw the spoilers online and even before I got it I thought, “I wish I didn’t get this box”. Anyway, here are the items:


  • A Darker Shade of Magic Tarot Cards: I haven’t read a Darker Shade of Magic yet so maybe when I do I’ll like this one more. But to be honest, what am I going to do with Tarot Cards?
  • An exclusive Pyrthian Canvas Map, which I have to admit is pretty cool but large and I have no place for it until I have my little library.
  • A Fellowship (of the ring) candle. This I actually really like and will get use of. It smells so good.
  • The Wizard of Oz Tote Bag. Let’s be honest, I can always do with more Tote bags, so like the candle, this was a nice addition.
  • A Compass Mug —Mugs are always great, this one is just lacking some color for me shhh it will probably be re-gifted.

All in All, I won’t be getting another Shelflovecrate for awhile, I’ll stick to TheBookishBox and Owlcrate. Have you guys gotten shelflovecrate before? Have they had better months? Comment below!

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