The Girl Who Takes An Eye for An Eye

Author: David Lagercrantz

Millennium Series #5

Synopsis: The story picks up where The Girl in the Spider’s Web left off. Lisbeth is serving her time in prison when she learns an interesting fact about her childhood. But by the time she’s out, something horrible has happened to her personally and she’s out for revenge. Meanwhile she asks her friend and journalist Blomkvist to help her with the mystery around what happened to her and other children in the past. While searching they uncover a story that will change the lives of many, which brings Lisbeth to do one thing — try for revenge on the people who altered her childhood for good.

IMG_20171027_182524_610.jpgReview: I was really excited when I heard that Lisbeth was back at it in this novel. As you know, the current author of the series (including the 4th) is not the author who first brought us these characters. But after reading the 4th, I was impressed with Legercrantz so I had high hopes. This book ended up falling flat for me though. Lisbeth is Lisbeth — she’s still somewhat awkward and fierce but there were so many stories in-twined that it was hard to keep everything straight. I also felt like it was lacking the wow factor that so many in the past have had in this series. But what as worse was the structure of the writing for me. Each paragraph could be about a different character and not just that, but a different character at a totally different point of time. I think I would have enjoyed this better if the different character story was at least broken up into different chapters.

Sadly, Lisbeth and Blomkvist, two characters that I have come to love couldn’t save this book for me.


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