I’m Not Scared Book Review

I'm Not Scared

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Author: Niccolo Ammaniti, translated by Jonathan Hunt

Synopsis: In a small little town surround by wheatfields, Michele Amitrano and his friends ride their bikes on adventures every day. One day Michele is asked to do a dare and his life is changed forever. He finds a secret happening in his little town of five houses, a secret that will change the lives of everyone that lives there. He goes through the normal questions, why is this happening, who did it and what can he do as a young nine year old boy to stop it all?

Review: I received this book from my Aunt over the summer. She thought I would like it and said it was an easy read (190 pages) that I could get bang out quickly. She wasn’t wrong with how quickly I would read this. At first I was a little hesitant, I wasn’t sure if it was a book for me and even after the first few pages I was still unsure but after the first chapter everything changed. Niccolo Ammaniti wraps imagination into a story, young Michele goes through all of the scenarios one can think of to better understand what is happening. He then realizes he must do the one thing he was asked not to do — he learns that the monsters live among him and with that comes consequences but also the phrase of the title “I’m Not Scared”. I really enjoyed this, from the descriptive setting, to the characters and the adventure/imagination — this is a book that you can finish in one sitting. It has everything — I honestly can’t tell you how I would categorize this — mystery? a little thriller? If you’re ever looking for a quick read just to pass some time this is the book for you.

Thanks to my Aunt for letting me borrow it!

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