November 2017 Roundup

Tis the season 😊 can you believe we’ve hit the middle of December? I am a little behind on my November roundup due to that awesome cover reveal week this blog just had.

I am currently hanging out in Miami, we leave tomorrow and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about It!

Before that though we have to recap November. I’m trying this whole thing of not too many huge adventures each month (it was hurting my wallet), so since we went to the Fingerlakes in October and I’m in Miami now, I took November off on any type of adventure. This is a really busy season for my boyfriend and I — he sells Christmas trees, I stay comfy in the cold and because of that we don’t do many adventures worth telling you about.

What that meant though is I got some reading done — 6 books total! Including all three books that were on my November TBR! I’m really excited about this! I hit a huge slump in October but I feel like November really turned it around.


The books read:

  • I’m not Scared
  • The invention of wings
  • Testament of Youth
  • Three Dark Crowns
  • The Glass Spare
  • The Girl Who Takes An Eye for An Eye

The Invention of Wings and The Testament of Youth are both so historically significant that I felt like everyone should read them. Testament of Youth took me awhile but I would honestly tell you guys to take your time with it because it’s so emotional and riveting that I would hate for you not to appreciate it for what it is. While The Invention of Wings provides not only insight of the South before slavery was abolished but a story that is about real people you may not have known existed that made a difference with the history of the America.

I’m not Scared was another really quick read that my Aunt gave me. I honestly wasn’t sure if I would like it but I ended up finding the suspense delightful!

Not in the picture above are three other books read this month — Three Dark Crowns and The Girl Who Takes An Eye For An Eye. To be honest, these two were okay — I didn’t hate them but I didn’t love them, at least not like the three pictured above.

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