The Girl in The Tower

Author: Katherine Arden

The Winternight Trilogy

Synopsis: Picking up where the first one ended, Vasya leaves her home with Solovey to see the world. She wants to be a traveller, not a nun or a wife who must do what others tell her to do. She does not dream of being what all the other women in her life have become.

She hides herself as a young boy for her journey. Her travels bring her to Moscow, where her sister and brother (who she has not seen in ten years) live and within Moscow, there is an evil building that only Vasya can help protect the city from.

The Girl in the Tower (Winternight Trilogy, #2)

Review: I have said this about a million times and I will say it again — The Bear and The Nightingale is one of my favorite books because I had never read something so magical before. This is all because of the way Katherine Arden weaves her words and it does not stop with the first in the series.

The Girl In The Tower picks up with the same magical feeling as the first. Vasya is this headstrong, courageous and sometimes stubborn young woman determined to be who she wants to be and experience life through travel (isn’t that all of us?). But she sees her faults and will always try to fix them. Vasya might be one of my favorite female leads ever, to me, she has all the qualities that maker her admirable.

One of the unfortunate parts of this story but which makes it so compelling is the fact that the storyline has made it more aware that the likes of the domovoi, bannik and gaymayun are disappearing in a world where people no longer believe in them. I hated this, I still believe in them! Does that count?

However, I cannot get over how happy I was to see and get a better understanding of Morozko and his inner struggles — how long do I have to wait to read more of him (and his relationship with Vasya?).

PS: A spinoff of the early years of Morozko would be so cool!

We are also introduced to more characters like Vasya’s brother, sister and niece who all added a new element to the story, they brought out the caring and compassionate side of Vasya out even more and their character development is extraordinary.

What I love about this story, both the first and second is that they leave you satisfied in the end. I don’t think any book in this series will beat The Bear and The Nightingale but I can’t wait to see what the last of Vasya’s story has in store for us!

PS- Katherine Arden is so cool and nice, you can check her out on Twitter here.

Overall Rating: 4/5 stars

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