Daughters in The Night Sky

Author: Aimie K. Runyan

Synopsis via Amazon: “Russia, 1941. Katya Ivanova is a young pilot in a far-flung military academy in the Ural Mountains. From childhood, she’s dreamed of taking to the skies to escape her bleak mountain life. With the Nazis on the march across Europe, she is called on to use her wings to serve her country in its darkest hour. Not even the entreaties of her new husband—a sensitive artist who fears for her safety—can dissuade her from doing her part as a proud daughter of Russia.

After years of arduous training, Katya is assigned to the 588th Night Bomber Regiment—one of the only Soviet air units composed entirely of women. The Germans quickly learn to fear nocturnal raids by the daring fliers they call “Night Witches.” But the brutal campaign will exact a bitter toll on Katya and her sisters-in-arms. When the smoke of war clears, nothing will ever be the same—and one of Russia’s most decorated military heroines will face the most agonizing choice of all.”

Review: I loved this book. I mean, everything about it was fantastic. I always knew that during both WWI and WWII women helped in ways they hadn’t before, but never like this. I never knew about the brave women who went up in the skies in the 588th Bomber Regiment to defend their country — at the same time worrying about their loved ones and dealing with the sexism of others seeing women up in the air defending their country. .

I felt myself smiling and in awe of their courage and strength as well as tearing up at their devastation. Runyan helped convince me once again why I love historical fiction, the stories that are true are then mixed with a story that helps you picture real people, real lives and real experiences.

This is definitely a must read for anyone who likes a little historical fiction in their life.

Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

The link I supplied will give you more information about the Night Witches, while if you click on the book cover, you will get information from Amazon where I got the book, the picture and the synopsis. Happy Reading!

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