TheBookishBox: Mini Edition Narnia

Hi Everyone! It’s finally here! I have been waiting over a year for a Narnia box by thebookishbox. I’m not kidding, every time they ask what we would be interested in for a box I comment with Narnia. My comments have been heard!

This is TheBookishbox’s “mini-edition” box, which means it’s rather small when it comes IMG_20180203_082023_825.jpgto what you’re getting. It’s just a shirt and one item inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia. While I wanted an entire box (preferably in the Winter) I had to settle for the mini box edition. Luckily, this isn’t the first mini box that they’ve done so I knew what I was getting myself into before I ordered it. The cost is about $24 before shipping but the shipping comes really fast because it’s so small and because it’s delivered in a bag, shipping isn’t as expensive as a box.

I have to admit the candle is of Narnia Woods and it smells divine. It’s like one of those candles that smells like a freshly cut Christmas tree or walking through the woods in the winter, it’s perfect for this time of season and is exactly why I wanted a Narnia themed box near the holidays. I thought the lamppost on the shirt was absolute perfection, I don’t think of Narnia any other way..

While I loved the shirt and candle I’m not sure if I’m ready to buy another mini box at the price. It would have to be something I had been really looking forward to like this theme.

You can find all their bookish goodies here. They already have other mini-boxes available including Hermoine and Outlander.

2 thoughts on “TheBookishBox: Mini Edition Narnia

  1. emiesnook says:

    I was wondering what this company included in their mini boxes because they just announced a The Darkest Minds one and I absolutely love that series, but I think I may skip it for the price. Thanks so much for this review!

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