The Orphan’s Tale

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Author: Pam Jenoff

Synopsis: During WWII, an unlikely friendship emerges within a traveling circus. Two women with such different pasts are both thrown into the world of the circus in order to survive during the war. Noa is running from her past — the past in which she’s been thrown out of her home, one day she comes across a train full of Jewish children torn from their families and on impulse she takes one with her. Meanwhile Astrid is a young women whose Jewish family has been torn apart, she cannot find them and must hide within the circus in order for the German army not to find her. At first rivals, both Noa and Astrids’s need for survival brings about a friendship to save one another.


Review: Historical fiction is my favorite genre out there, and for some reason, I really enjoy the WWII stories. Maybe it’s because of the strength of women like Noa and Astrid, or maybe it’s the way in which others who seem so unlikely helped to save their neighbor but I find it all so interesting. However this book was not one that I could really connect with. Sure, it’s a fast read (I finished it in 3 days) but unlike most stories from this time period, I didn’t feel an emotional connection to the stories or the characters. In fact, in a way, I didn’t really like either of them. There were others of course, like the owner of the circus who knew exactly who they were but protected them all the same who I liked but it wasn’t until the very last couple of pages where I really felt pain and emotion from this story. 300 pages too late.

Overall Rating: 3/5 stars.

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