Tower of Dawn

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Author: Sarah J. Mass

Throne of Glass Series

Pages: 664

Synopsis: Starting up at the end of Queen of Shadows and occurring at the same time as Empire of Storms, Chaol and Nesryn are tasked to head to Antica in search of an emperor who help then save their land. At the same time, Chaol is hoping to heal after the event of Queen of Shadows. But what happens when they arrive is not what they thought, has the darkness reached Antica?


Review: Like the picture? Honestly, I did this because of my love for Chaol. He’s been one of my favorite characters in this entire series and it has never wavered. I know a lot of people in some of my book groups don’t really like him but I hope this story maybe changed their mind.

“Every step. Every curve into darkness. Every moment of despair and rage and pain. It had led him to precisely where he needed to be. Where he wanted to be.”

Chaol is one of those characters who is loyal to a fault — which has been his downfall at times too because it sometimes makes him choose difficult paths that might not bring him to where he was hoping to be. In a way, Chaol is too hard on himself (something I can relate to) and this story, showing everything in his point of view really got to see what he’s going through. But even more than that, it’s a story of self healing but in a way we can all relate to. Chaol is a strong character, he has strong morals and sometimes that can be his weakness.

“You would be surprised by how closely the healing of physical wounds is tied to the healing of emotional ones.”

Other than that, there was a lot to like about this story — it might in my top two of favorite stories in the series so far. Not only do you get to see a new world — Antica, you get to be introduced to new characters — characters that are going to have an impact on the rest of the story and all of them likeable in their own way. Yrene is this strong female character, that’s greatest strength might not be her magic but her compassion, Nesryn who isn’t new shows us what it is to live and think of yourself first. Sartaq is another character that has heart but in a totally different way than any we’ve met so far and he was just as refreshing as Yrene.

“He didn’t understand-how she could be so delicate, so small, when she had overturned his life entirely. Worked miracles with those hands and that soul, this woman who had crossed mountains and seas.”

Something else I really liked about this story is the emotion it made me feel, something I’ve been lacking in the series. On top of the new characters and the emotion I felt with this story, this story is one of those you can’t skip. There is so much information as it pertains to Aelin and it’s mind blowing. I mean you guys, I remember being on the edge of my seat reading some passages — everything started to click and I cannot wait to have Chaol, Nesyrn and some of their friends back with Aelin and the team waiting for them.

Overall Rating: 5/5

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