How We Chose Where To Go and What to See In England

As you all know by now, we are heading to England in June. Since I haven’t had any posts about travel so far this year, I figured each month I thought I’d write something about our trip — you can already read Why I Chose England and How We Budgeted/Saved for England. Now the March post is how we decided Where To Go In England.

So here’s the thing, of course we have to go to London — I mean it’s a city full of history and architecture that can’t be missed. But we are city people and I knew I would need to see more than just the lovely city and other areas close by. I wanted to see the countryside, I knew the pictures and T.V. shows I’ve watched that deal with the country wouldn’t do it all justice to seeing it in person. So here’s the locations we’ve chosen to see while we’re overseas.

  • Bath
  • Cornwall — including: St Agnes, Padstow, Tintangel, Truro, Bodim
  • Stonhenge/Windsor
  • London

What Influenced My Choice of Locations

poldarkNorthanger Abbey (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

That was pretty simple — the Poldark series by Winston Graham and consequent T.V. Show by Masterpiece really opened by mind to trying to see the cliffs and true southern countryside of England. Plus who wouldn’t want to see where the legendary King Arthur was born?!? Bath was chosen because of it’s architecture and Jane Austen. I love her stories that have taken place there and I can’t wait to try a Pump Room for lunch.

Windsor was honestly added just this month, I’ve decided I need to at least see it so whether that is just a quick drive through for some coffee or maybe lunch, we are going to try and make it happen.

How Are We Going to Fit this in 9 days?!?

Yes, I know, we are only in England for about 9 days and somehow we are going to see all of those areas and explore. It’s a lot and planning has been a struggle. Sure, I have books I’ve been reading, researching blog posts and reaching out to people on Facebook but it still makes it difficult to figure out how to fit everything in during such a short time.

The good thing is, that a lot of the places on the list (Stonhenge, Bath and Windsor) are all on the way to and back from London –> Cornwall — the two big areas we’ve staying in. So the plan is to do the quickest little detours known to man — which means even more planning in relation to Bath and Windsor (more than likely exploring will happen while we are stopping for something to eat).

Have you guys been to any of the locations above? If so, what would you suggest? Especially in regards to Bath and Windsor? Comment below :).


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