My 30: 30 Things I would tell my younger self

My last 30 of the year, yes that’s right, I turn 30 soon so this is the last post I’ll be writing. It was really hard for me to come up with this last post — I mean I did the usual 30 Places I want to Visit, 30 Things About Me, 30 of My Favorite Photos and 30 of My Favorite Books so it took me a really long time to think of this last one.

I finally came up with my last one — 30 things I’d tell a younger self.

  1.  Travel More — don’t let your life go by without seeing what’s out there
  2. Don’t lose your passion — if you like to read, read, if you like music, go to concerts.
  3. You will probably change career choices more than once — and that’s okay, it’s not a failure if you start in one career or schooling and go to another
  4. You will most definitely date the wrong person at least once — which makes finding the right person so much better
  5. Your 20s are going to be really hard —but you’re not alone, there’s a bunch of people out there that are in the same boat as you
  6. Do not define your life through social media
  7. And even more so, don’t compare your life to what you see on social media (it’s going to be hard but try your best)
  8. You will more than likely lose someone close to you — it’s going to be hard, really hard but like everyone else you are strong enough to endure it
  9. You will have to work for what you want  —but that makes it more rewarding
  10. But don’t work too muchfind that balance
  11. There might be a time when life gets too hard, it’s okay to ask for help — in fact ask for help whether it with friends or a professional
  12. You do not do everything with your significant other. You are your own person — enjoy time with friends (girls weekends are a must)
  13. Stay active — whether it’s walking, hiking etc — get outside
  14. Be smart with your money, sure splurge a little but make sure you are spending your money on what you want
  15. Set goals for yourself — and it’s okay if those goals take longer than you’d hope, this isn’t a race
  16. Party a little — everyone deserves some “crazy times”
  17. College isn’t as great as you might think — sure it’s an experience but don’t stress too much
  18. Surround yourself with people who like you for you
  19. But also around people who make you better and get you out of your comfort zone
  20. You get to choose your own happiness
  21. You will probably struggle with your own self confidence and that’s okay
  22. Saying goodbye to a pet is harder than you think it’s going to be
  23. Sing in the car
  24. Read lots of books
  25. Show that you care
  26. Do not worry about what other people think of you
  27. Try not to be on your phone all the time, I know it’s hard
  28. Say I love You
  29. Take lots of pictures — they are your more memories
  30. Find time for yourself


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