Book of The Month Club

Hey Everyone! I haven’t had a book unboxing in awhile because I am trying this whole only buy a bookbox when the theme really picks my interest — it’s expensive you know!


Anyway, one of my friends recently told me about Book of the month club anyone a member?

Here’s the rundown:

  • Every month you will be able to choose the book you want in your box. This is what I love about it, you get to choose the book! If you don’t like any of the books for the month you can skip and have the credit for the next month
  • The books are ones that came out recently so it’s a brand new book that you can search via genre
  • Here’s the genres: Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction, Nonfiction, Thriller, Mystery, Historical Fiction, Young Adult, and Fantasy/Sc-Fi
  • You can get a second book for $9.99 from their Extra Book section — usually books from previous months that you might have missed
  • You also get a fun little bookmark and the shipping is ridiculously fast
  • Total Cost for the month is about $18 if you do a month to month otherwise you can do a yearly membership at $150
  • The only downside is that the only way to cancel a membership is to call, I wish I could just do it via email/website.

Books I’ve received through it so far:

  • A Gentleman in Moscow
  • The Girl Who Smiled Beads
  • Rainbirds
  • The Great Alone

Interested in trying this? Click my referral link here to give it a try.

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