My Favorite Things to do in Upstate New York in The Spring

I haven’t really told you all about my hometown and what to do there during the different seasons. Now that’s I’ve finished my posts about preparing for England I’m going to give you advice on what to do if you’re ever in my area. I’ll do advice based on season and try and do itineraries for short and long-term stays.


Spring, it can be a fabulous time and it can be a horrible time here in the Northeast. I’m writing this post on April 17th and we had snow/ice mix today, but this weekend will be sunny and 60 so to say to be prepared for anything would be an understatement.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to see the Tulips (usually in May) at Washington Park Historic District but since the weather is so unpredictable in Spring, I would suggest seeing the history of Upstate New York. The New York State Museum in Albany is one of my favorites, but don’t be too surprised if you get a little emotional. Cost for admission is free too! If you’re in Albany, try and check out for a tour with the New York State Capitol a building which has been around since the 1880s. The admission for this tour is free as well. Afterwards, grab a drink at Nine Pin Cider and stop for lunch or dinner at Dinosaur BBQ, originally from Syracuse, this restaurant has quick service, inexpensive, good BBQ and a view of the Hudson River.

A little farther north of Albany is my hometown of Saratoga Springs — one of the hot spots for the summer and fall (we’ll get to that later). But in the Spring there is still a bunch of history to be seen — including the Saratoga National Battle Grounds, Yaddo Gardens, The Auto Museum, The Saratoga State Park and National Museum of Dance and while you’re at it, try some of the many natural springs in the area for your health.

The Nightlife is awesome in Saratoga, I’d recommend some wine from Thirsty Owl and Swedish Hill and when you’re done with that, try dinner at Wheatfields if you’re a fan of Italian (PS- homemade pasta), it’s inexpensive with a great atmosphere.


Those are my suggestions for coming to visit my area in the Spring. There is so much more to tell you and I can’t wait to give advice on seasonal and multiple day vacations.

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